So in Germany they tore down some church for of all things, an unprofitable and terribly climate-damaging form of energy.

@JarlavGrenlandUpir that old story again. This church was not historic. It's in that very provided Wiki article (Kudos @pinkprius - usually that's skipped for the sake of the "argument").

It just _looked_ historic.

I dabble in history. Especially medieval period. There is more valueable stuff to rescue. Modern decorated bricks do not belong into this category. Unrelated to the coal idiocy.

@bekopharm @pinkprius just Becuase it's not classified as historic dosnt mean it has history.

@pinkprius @bekopharm Yeah, tho deciding what to keep and what to throw away is the biggest question. Removing the church to dig up coal isn't gonna be profitable for awhile. It cost lots of money to tear dowm the building, then it cost mony to build a replacment.

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