Someone is trying to build a learning app like , but it's free software. Maybe you want to help out?:

@pinkprius woah I have been talking about this for a year! thanks for posting totally gonna see what I can do!

@liaizon @pinkprius first time I feel an intense urge to mash that fav star on Masto! Yesss keen to help out.

@liaizon so this just got its 100th boost, it must have struck a nerve.

@pinkprius same for my post. its been getting a boost like every hand full of minutes since I posted my version

It's a real pity that didn't go the no-profit, free-software way.
They seem decently serious in wanting to provide free education, but I'd never waste money or contribution time in a for-profit operation that could disappear in a puff by being bought or going bankrupt.
Happy to see an alternative coming!

@pinkprius Geilo! Hoffe das kommt über Alpha hinaus. Die Idee ist ja absolut naheliegend.

@pinkprius No ads? No gambling? I'm not a coder but can I donate?

@pinkprius is there a format specification? Toki Pona is just 123 words.

I go to this form and go wehh why? can't i just push it in a repo somewhere.. ( @tokipona )

@pinkprius I highly encourage this! Busy using Duolingo ATM, albeit too infrequently to see any progress.

@pinkprius wasnt there another project already doing this ?
I was sure sthg like this was under construction but the name LibreLingo doesnt ring a bell to me at all 🤔

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