I hope the invisible hand of the market washes hands regularly

btw every day now the invisible hand of the market will solve

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@pinkprius Oooooh! As a former food service worker in America I have baaaaad news for you, buddy!

(Psst, do you any spare got toilet paper over in Europe? The invisible hand hoarded all of ours. ): )

@Kyresti did you see this thread on birdsite?
Saw it on reddit and thought it was very interesting.

There is some hoarding going on here as well :)

@pinkprius Not until just now, but what's being described is one of the larger reasons I got out when I did (and if not for friends, I'd be up shit creek for it right now.)

Oh, btw, that one 'patient zero' who brought it to a nursing home here? Suspected to be a Starbucks employee in the same boat as most of those posters. Fun, huh? :D

@pinkprius ...but that might interfere with the viral marketing!

@pinkprius knowing capitalism... it won't unless you pay enough

@pinkprius the sound of one hand washing itself before clapping

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