okay, listen
maybe you have used @Liberapay in the past, but didn't like their communication when their payment processor ditched them and their service was broken.

I really still love the idea of a , non-profit alternative.
And is exactly that!
Just re-checked their website, they came such a long way, it works like a charm and feels really professional.
Send you instance admins some bucks or your fave open-source project or artist!

I believe that monetary support is really valuable, because in this world we unfortunately rely on money for many things.
So maybe toss a couple of bucks or even just a symbolic 5c/week to people that you like (imagine if thousands did that) and projects that you want to support.
Giving and receiving resources for a project tightens the bonds between users and creators, also let's not make our instance admins have to pay for the hardware that they provide a free service on.
🖤 2/2

@pinkprius we (i help with translating) just reached a record high weekly donated. Finally back at the 2018 level.

@Jelv that's great! I feel like momentum is going to increase even more, your website has really grown into a very polished service!
I am giving to so many people now :D

@pinkprius i'm just a translator, you should thank @changaco for Liberapay. I do hope the momentum is returning.

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