people bragging about how many hours they work smh


@luna ich hab bei you aus lol, 55 hours is nothing, I worked 75 at my last job you pussy schon das you pussy raus editiert 😂

@pinkprius The best response to people bragging about how many hours they worked is to ask how many they got paid for, and if they get extra pay for overtime then ask them what time they're going to use that money with, if they're always working.

@pinkprius I once worked 10 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 3 months with no sick days or leave. The reason it was only 3 months is because I quit. System's fucked.

@pinkprius being proud to be exploited... i did it for some years...

@frankiezafe totally understandable. It's cope but also theoretically working a lot isn't bad, it's just that being coerced and losing sight of the end goal is what's wrong.

@pinkprius there are american country songs that have used this as a takedown of people who take to the streets and every time i hear that i remember the people i know who have worked 80+ hour weeks that would set this country on fire if they could

I DO tend to brag about my 28 hours per week.

mostly when I leave work thursday at 14:30 for early weekend - like always.

I remember wishing people a happy weekend on Wednesday. Wasn't always much appreciated...

@pinkprius i paid off my college degree by working 5 jobs at once all these liberals say you cant pay it off well i did just work 5 jobs this is perfectly reasonable and good

@pinkprius if they try to make you work more than 24 hours a week submerge them slowly in liquid tar

food, meat 

My grandad worked on Liverpool docks with a man whose nickname was The Good Shepherd because of his ability to steal entire frozen lamb carcasses.

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