@pinkprius @Aznorth
The man in the middle right is Richard Branson (Virgin group).

Trump could have been Chaotic Evil ... 🤔


the man on the middle right is Richard Branson founder of Virgin:

The woman I don't know


@Aznorth @pinkprius
as others have said, the man is Richard Branson, and the woman is one of the Kardashians (90% sure)

@pinkprius Except sometimes when they aren't lawful but still evil

> Except sometimes when they aren't lawful but still evil

nope. always lawful, by definition. it's not hard, when you can get the best law that money can buy

@pinkprius Sorry, but one of them is, in fact, Chaotic Evil.

@clov @pinkprius the fact that none of them are breaking the "law" makes them lawful;) We're simply living in a Chaotic world.

@pinkprius not entirely sure musk is evil :blobcatthink: chaotic something maybe

Funny, but I'm convinced we'll eventually find out one of them is only a pretend billionaire. Hint: the one seemingly yelling.

Group: Assholes
Allowed Alignment: LE
Allowed Equipment
Weapons: All
Armor: All
Shields: All
Helmets: No
Spellcasting: No
Thieving Skills: Yes
Special Abilities: Yes

-2D100 billion dollars.
-Immune to law, justice and similar effects.
-Can cast slavery and abduct children once a day.

-10 Intelligence and Wisdom.
-3 vs organized labor
-Weak to guillotines.

@pinkprius in response to one recurring objection: they are not all lawful-aligned by choice or preference or nature, but without that law their billions would just be funny numbers

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