@pinkprius @mastobikes it's funny what things you don't notice until somebody points them out

@pinkprius @mastobikes incidentally, in theory, Germany mandated a distance of at least 1.5m (~6ft) between car and bike; the car isn’t allowed to overtake if that can’t be arranged

In practice, car drivers by and large don’t know and/or don’t care

@chucker the line probably makes it more likely that cars pass close, because they think they can treat it like another lane.

@chucker @pinkprius @mastobikes i can share my experience: Most cars keep now more difference to me and my bike than before.

@pinkprius @mastobikes Someone in a car can slow down or stop if you deviate into the lane. A train cannot.

@ultraviolet @pinkprius @mastobikes Trains do not suddenly deviate into the lane, where cars frequently do.

@murph @pinkprius @mastobikes If a person gets too close to the train, the train cannot slow down or stop, thus they try to keep people farther back. Cars can slow down or stop if you deviate from the bike lane or they deviate into the bike lane lane and if drivers are skilled and responsible, they are paying close attention where there is a danger of that. If this is an ongoing problem in your area perhaps the drivers suck and shouldn't have a license. For the record, I agree that bike lanes in many places where I've lived, if they existed at all, were not wide enough in my opinion.

@ultraviolet @pinkprius @mastobikes You have an awful lot of "ifs" in that statement. Yes, many drivers suck and should not have a license, but I can't control that.
That that matter, I'm in the US, where bike lanes as shown in the picture would be quite an improvement where I have to ride.

@pinkprius @mastobikes So much this. Bike lanes on a low traffic residential road? Ok. Bike lanes like this on high traffic (and also high speed limit around here) roads? F no. They need to be separated lanes.

@kelbot @pinkprius @mastobikes I support the segregation of bike lanes on high-traffic density roads, but it's exactly this that competes with other demands like road width and "on-road parking" being available to local residents.

I don't like bike lanes in low-traffic roads, I'd rather they just lowered the speed limits and allowed bikes to have more priority.

Part of the reason is that cars are effective at sweeping road debris away to the sides, so for the sake of your tires it's often better to ride out in the main sections of the road.

@pinkprius the issue here is roads were not designed for bikes and as such the conditions are horrible; infact roads were never even designed for the large cars we have to day, so there is simply no space

it's true this is a problem, but I doubt we'll ever see any fix
@pinkprius cars don’t create quite the same changes in air pressure that trains do. Which can pull things in.

@musicmatze @pinkprius @mastobikes unfortunately yes, a train (not even a very high speed one) can blow one away just with the air surrounding it. Train engineer will not even notice anything happened.

@musicmatze @pinkprius @mastobikes A vehicle (not even a very high speed one) can bring a cyclist to fall just by passing too close. Driver will not even notice anything happened. ;)
@musicmatze @pinkprius @mastobikes

It is totally clear to me that there are several differences. For me the most obvious one is, that at the train station you have plenty of room to keep away from the dangerous zone. As a cyclists on a cycling lane like the one shown above you have not. In fact you are even forced into it. #dooring #motorizedViolence @musicmatze @pinkprius @mastobikes

@pinkprius the left looks like central station and the right picture might also be from Osnabrück/Germany

just offtopic funfact

I'd interpret the solid white line as to *not* cycle there.

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