@sean @pinkprius often the meme is way more hyperbolic or even just sarcastic, though..

@pinkprius That one on the right is utterly Deranged.

@pinkprius I've become quite fond of having everything delivered to the house. My car basically just sits there.

@pinkprius Yeah, I’ll be driving my car. 35 Minutes to my work or 90+ minutes by bike, 180 minutes by public transport or 5 hour walk.

@fox @pinkprius Yeah, public transit /needs/ improvement in most of the US at the very least (dunno about other countries or where you live). As it is "stop driving cars!" just isn't feasible.

@IceWolf @fox @pinkprius yeah, telling me to simply not drive a car when i live in a place with no public transportation and where everything is miles from everything else is far from helpful advice

@Taweret @fox @pinkprius We were in a place like that before we moved.

We also can't drive!

It /sucked./

@IceWolf @fox @pinkprius the problem isn't that people choose to drive cars when they would take a train instead. its that aren't enough trains to make that a feasible option in most of america and in fact in most of america there are no passenger trains at all. telling people to simply not drive their cars as tho that's going to make trains magically appear is tasking individuals with solving a systemic problem that won't be solved by them doing the thing you're telling them

@fox @pinkprius But what if public transport wasn't shit, and bike lanes were built to make getting around by bike easier (public transport + bikes too)

@MxCraven @pinkprius I live in The Netherlands where the roads are good, bicycle paths are very plentiful and public transport is good. xD

@pinkprius @fox Yeah, not much choice in your situation.

Me, it takes me 90 seconds to walk to work so I'm not complaining.
@pinkprius Woah, this one is actually accurate and true. Nice

@pinkprius Spaghetti junction is actually really cool and well designed HOWEVER is a solution to a problem that doesn't need to exist at all.

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