sucks. We forgot that we weren't born to work, didn't chose to be born and all this shit isn't our fault.

@pinkprius yeah, let's drop all that separation of responsibilities silly stuff and go back to men thinking about where to find food 100% of the time, women being pregnant/nursing 100% of the time, and all of us die in droves by 40 from all kinds of diseases. Stone Age awaits!


@isagalaev OK so it's either die before 40 or sit in a miserable cubicle all day everyday.

How about something in between? Like sit in a miserable cubicle 3 days a week and have an okay place to live and good food aswell.

@pinkprius I'm all for "something in between"! It's your comic that makes it an either/or choice. What I'm saying is that now we have overwhelmingly more choice than cavemen did. Although probably not as much as any one of us would've liked.

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