@pinkprius With autonomous cars and similar vehicles we actually can improve public transportation and even build a hybrid that has the advantages of public transportation and individual transportation.

@pinkprius to be fair, if those autonomous cars aren't privately owned (as in, by a single person), they can then go pick up someone else instead of just taking space on the street parked

doesn't work in the rush hour however, when everyone is traveling, so it doesn't really matter

@pony in that case the autonomous car would be a part of public transport

@pinkprius I do not know where this montage comes from. But the picture actually show 60 cars and 67 people.
The text claims 69 people but that's not what I count.

If autonomous cars allow passenger-less vehicles (ex a person orders his car to come to his location from somewhere), things will be much worse.

@pinkprius This, however, is *extremely* simplified. Though travelling by car might not be the only or best way of getting somewhere, there *are* valid use cases for it. 😉


The average vehicle can hold 4 people. This would be the space required to move 48 people who are all going to different places, but lots of people car pool, and I know I'm taking the word "required" too literally here, but this image should look like this.

I completely agree with the notion that riding your bike to work is environmentally friendly, of course!

"In the US, car occupancy, is near of 1.7 people per car,[21] (against around 1.5 occupant(s) by car in EU[22])."
- en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Passenge

Let's say there are roughly 67 people on that image, they would use 40 in the US and 45 cars in the EU.

Not 12 like you drew in your picture...

I don't think that saying how many passengers could these cars move isn't helpful at all.


Then "required" is *definitely* not needed in this meme, since it is talking about averages.

I make the same kind of mistakes with my English, because English sucks, but thanks for the clarification. I understand it better now!

@pinkprius How comes the picture has the logo of the City of Vancouver, BC on it?

@jaller94 I think the original picture, comparing cars to bikes and buses maybe was provided by the City of Vancouver

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