"Reasons To Stay Alive by Matt Haig."
I haven't read it and reddit says it's a self help book, so I think it's not worth a read.

@pinkprius That's a great quote. I was curious about the whole book until you said it was self-help. I probably won't bother to read that.

@mattbk @pinkprius @needle Yeah, I looked it up anyway, out of curiosity and it actually seems interesting (and possibly useful for me).

@pinkprius what book is this taken from if you don’t mind me asking?

@pinkprius hence the goal to reduce educational possibilities for the masses by the fat cat overlords

enlightenment is the antithesis to a enslaved mind

@pinkprius Also having a long term memory turns out to be the most subversive thing these days...


I showed this to a very sad friend and they bought the book and is happy today. Danke! Vielen dank. ❤️

Nothing to do with capitalism, everything with consumerism.

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