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pinkprius [main_acc] @pinkprius

This one is so infuriating, why isn't this illegal?
A disposable charger available at that does contain a rechargeable lithium battery but isn't designed to recharge.

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@pinkprius ahhh
I wanna see that trash
Let's paint it something and make it special

@pinkprius people suck. This makes me sad

like if you cried

@pinkprius its on the borderline of what is actually safe to sell in the UK/EU, is not a very strong accu nor well made or particularly safe.

The Scottish chap does appear to have been able to recharge it with a low cost e-cigarette charger but that is *not* without risks (which is why he doesn't show you how to do it!)

@pinkprius It is also worthwhile to discuss why these products exist in the first place: People cannot possibly stand being offline anymore. The whole powerbank market - and now this - exists because people are addicted to their phones, need the dopamine kicks constantly and are willing to pay money for increasingly ridiculous stuff to keep the rush going.

@resist_berlin I don't agree. I don't like being offline aswell and a mostly enables people to stay offline for longer and have juice to use their phones sparingly during those episodes.
I get what you are trying to say but my main critique with this product is that the producer could have made a way better and reusable product for a tiny increase in price but chose not to.

@pinkprius Imho a good compromise are high-capacity internal batteries. My Galaxy S3 has a 4400 mAh battery and lasts for days. My comment above was aimed at this "buy additional hardware to keep your phone going!" strategy which just increases hassle and waste. Just make your phone itself last longer, if you need it...

@pinkprius It's tremendously infuriating! I don't know Tesco too well, what country is this? USA?

@pinkprius also it's probably half empty when bought, because it sat on the shelves for some time...

@pinkprius I've remember BigClive covering this and was actively facepalming through the vid. :blobfacepalm:

@pinkprius Makes me want to set up a basked with sign: "Disposable chargers go here". Wonder how long it could power an ESP8266...

@pinkprius Normal lithium batteries generally aren't rechargeable. Do you mean they put a lithium-ion accumulator in there? That sounds too expensive to be single-use.
@pinkprius Oh! Thanks, didn't notice that link. Sorry.

Wow, I didn't want to believe it, but that really is a moral crime.

The data pin bridge he finds odd is probably high-speed charging signaling?

@clacke it's insane. I don't know anything about those components though.