This one is so infuriating, why isn't this illegal?
A disposable charger available at that does contain a rechargeable lithium battery but isn't designed to recharge.

@pinkprius ahhh
I wanna see that trash
Let's paint it something and make it special

@pinkprius its on the borderline of what is actually safe to sell in the UK/EU, is not a very strong accu nor well made or particularly safe.

The Scottish chap does appear to have been able to recharge it with a low cost e-cigarette charger but that is *not* without risks (which is why he doesn't show you how to do it!)

@pinkprius It's tremendously infuriating! I don't know Tesco too well, what country is this? USA?

@pinkprius also it's probably half empty when bought, because it sat on the shelves for some time...

@pinkprius I've remember BigClive covering this and was actively facepalming through the vid. :blobfacepalm:

@pinkprius Makes me want to set up a basked with sign: "Disposable chargers go here". Wonder how long it could power an ESP8266...

@pinkprius Normal lithium batteries generally aren't rechargeable. Do you mean they put a lithium-ion accumulator in there? That sounds too expensive to be single-use.
@pinkprius Oh! Thanks, didn't notice that link. Sorry.

Wow, I didn't want to believe it, but that really is a moral crime.

The data pin bridge he finds odd is probably high-speed charging signaling?

@clacke it's insane. I don't know anything about those components though.

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