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Being used to the good microphones and proper audio settings gaming companions are using, the poor audio of many remote conferences is making it hard to listen to the talks.

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Between painfully following local government election campaigns and what is going on in Berlin, I feel so ashamed for my Country. Ashamed and helpless.

Gerade 6 Uhrmacher für eine Ersatzarmband abgeklappert. Einer hatte nicht wonach ich suche, die anderen weigerten sich etwas zu verkaufen weil es an eine Garmin dran soll und sie die nicht im Angebot haben ... Wird dann doch online gekauft.

Seit meine Frau als Kontakt in der Traueranzeige ihres Vaters stand, bekommt sie regelmäßig Anrufe und Schreiben von Grabpflegern & Steinmetzen aus dem ganz NRW. Selbst wenn gute Angebote dabei wären, würden wir bei so übergriffiger & unangenehmer Akquise nicht darauf eingehen.

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- Coming to Audible and various other platforms on August 1st 2020.


Heute ist der daily writing post mal auf Deutsch. Kurze Beobachtung dazu wie ich das wort "Super" verwende. poggie.de/german-super-wie-die

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analysis of 1,000,000,000 leaked credentials from the internet, and most common 10 million passwords for hash cracking.

a little over 1 out of every 200 passwords is 123456.

that is all.


No notebook post today, but a blog post about how I quickly set the notebook up in Wordpress to work the way it does (and why it can only be a temporary solution) poggie.de/excluding-a-category

I failed to keep up with the daily writing for a few days, but there seems to be a pattern in my behavior that replicates in other areas as well and keeps me from going through with new habits.

I wrote about it. poggie.de/habit-of-breaking-ne

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For my daily writing practice I went over my thoughts about cross posting: poggie.de/thoughts-on-cross-po It made me reconsider my own usage. I will have to change some things I do.

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Starting a project in 2020 (h/t @chrisoncode)

About a week ago i started a notebook (poggie.de/category/notebook/) for my daily writing exercises, inspired by @rixx . Sadly the day after my father in law died and my posts were rather short & bad, reflecting my state of mind.

Now I posted the first one I'm somewhat fine with about how I got out of shape and how I attempt to get in it again. poggie.de/getting-in-shape-aga

State of mind: Wife woke me for lunch (after night shift), I fell asleep again and dreamed that I had to write a CLI utility for eating first before I could do that ....

Yeah, I think I need a break.

Being able to watch dawn while doing the last two hours of my nightshift from the patio was surprisingly calming and joyful.

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If you feel not well for what ever reason, be open about it. Show weakness. Not to strangers but to the people you like and meet with. In most situations it will help you and form a more trustworthy relationship. :)

How much I annoys me when people post every sentence (or even half sentence) of their argument as it's own post in chats instead of a single post ....

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