Russians discrediting Russian army 

In Russia, since the beginning of war, there had been a tad over 2000 administrative cases over discrediting Russian army (spitting at the propaganda insignia, pickets, anti-war banners, etc.). Small number that may be, I suppose it's an outstanding metric for the russian courts nonetheless.

If the shoe fits, the army has to wear it.

Calling to all sound wave pirates—do you know of some good documentaries portraying pirate radios in UK?

Promise, last time i'm abusing attention this month :)

Cost analysis of privacy and freedom of expression in Russia 

Russian biggest food delivery service had been fined 60k rubles for the disclosure of its clientele data containing some millions or records.

That much money gets you 1.3 standalone pickets with calls to peace. If you're lucky that is.

carbon offsets 

Carbon offsets are at best a very limited resource and at worst a total scam:
* Even if it would work as well as possible, the earth’s land ecosystems can only hold enough additional vegetation to absorb 40 - 100 GtCO₂e from the atmosphere.
* Once this additional growth is achieved (and that takes decades), there is no capacity for additional carbon storage on land.
* The world emits 55 GtCO₂e into the atmosphere per year. So all we can offset is 2 year’s emissions at most.

So even if it would work (but zero evidence so far), offsetting is not a sustainable solution: it is too little and too late because we need to cut emissions dramatically (by 40 GtCO₂e per year) in the next 20 years.

And if that is not bad enough, in practice, it's even worse, because a lot of the saplings die in the first year, and the land used for tree planting was in general already sequestering carbon in its previous state.

So as it stands, carbon offsetting almost certainly leads to increased CO2 emissions, purely because those who buy them have no incentive to lower their own emissions.

I'd love to if you know of good venues to get DRM-free ebooks from?

Pixel art, lo-fi sound and abstract algebra are the same concept applied to different realms.

"The Girl That Won't Return Your Love But Is Totally Worth It" is the description of a music label on their bandcamp page. Totally worth it indeed.

Demand generation specialist, a real job title, does it belong to a addendum for Bullshit jobs, or maybe is a normal course of action in late stage capitalism?

I've been browsing some Japanese reggae outlets and was about to call their own music being blissful copies, true to the roots, but lacking substantial originality... That was until i had heard of this singer, and would like to shamefully rescind my initial thoughts.

Don't remember where i learned it from, but there are whole bookshelves boasting spines of imaginary books. Imaginary book titles is a genre.

Trying this idea in the domain of programs, this would mean man pages of non-existing programs. Or is it the names of imaginary files?

Может залить даб в систему водоснабжения что бы показать дебилоидам как прекрасна может быть жизнь? :) Не ожидал столько интересного на русском, низкий поклон!

Thanks to the wonderful @milan and his , our will be streamed live on PeerTube!

Saturday, May the 28th, CEST timezone:

14:00 - Real Solarpunk Technology

15:45 - Empowering Future Communities

17:30 - Is Solarpunk Just Another Style?

19:15 - What's Holding Us Back From A Better Tomorrow?

Having heard of OpenPGP WoT getting a new implementation, i recall that the core transitivity of trust relation was being debated some time ago. Wonder if there had been some trustworthy (some ironic recursion won't hurt) resolution to it? Maybe @vanitasvitae, or would have some hints?

Seeing having sidetracked as a completion in my browser address bar brings back some warm memories.

I want to share my love for all the programs that do the work i was supposed to. Programs that fix, build, break, groom and write programs. Oh, compilers get the props too!

Secretary of Belgorodskaya cell of United Russia party shown up at the mourning of Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster wearing a black dress with a 'party' imprinted on it. Said she thought it meant the political party. They might not know how to party, but they sure can make me laugh.

all these elaborate video sites when you can literally just upload an mp4 to a normal web server and share the direct link.

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