Lo and behold, comes forth as all around sensible person full empathy and self-criticism.

Bill Gates, Brad Smith and the rest of the big tech heads could have learned a good deal from this.

But, they're too concerned with profits and being a good human being is at odds with what makes you rich.

@polezaivsani i love that guy. Ive always been a bit different as well but not to the extreme he is, but i can fully relate as such. :) and i mean have you ever compiled gcc by hand, clearly a genius; what a light show that puts on in the terminal.. 🙃🙂

@f0photo Yeah, love him too. Squarely admirable behavior in my books. Even not taking his affiliation or track record into account. Being a decent human isn't as popular a choice as that of a good salesman, a prolific politician or a successful businessman.

Re building gcc - i hope it's still way easier on the eye than any of the modern browsers.

@polezaivsani well i just use seamonkey nightlies. But probably.. :)

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