Psst, lad, want some pirated emojis? Totally off the grid emotions, just don't flaunt them on you social media accounts, or you might get nabbed.

@polezaivsani But what if I want to flaunt them to demonstrate my non-acceptance of intellectual property laws in an act of civil disobedience?

Showing off by means outside of current unicode standard - minus 300 points; question validity of intellectual property and you social score goes down another half a k.

Go that way for couple more days and you, @BioHackerBI citizen, would be right onto untrodden path B]. Maybe enlist into intergalactic colonization squadron instead? That's way less dangerous and might get you some credits to spare the weekend.

@polezaivsani No thank you Commisar, I'm busy fighting the Rona by doing lab shit 60 hours a week.

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