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“Grandma, I don’t really love you, I’m just here for the points.”

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Lo and behold, comes forth as all around sensible person full empathy and self-criticism.

Bill Gates, Brad Smith and the rest of the big tech heads could have learned a good deal from this.

But, they're too concerned with profits and being a good human being is at odds with what makes you rich.

What's with all the free compilers and interpreters? They are endangering the . How is supposed to survive when everybody would be writing or using some freaking ?

While some commemorate the end to Buchenwald concentration camps, still fumbles searching for the books that'd have the profits from that period.

The silhouettes in the back - the best monolithic operating systems there are. They might get you high for a while, but you hardly would want to live there.

Right in front, in the orchestra pit - is what i believe the emerging microkernels with lots of user processes. Some other weird experiments are there too, e.g. data-centric yard. These don't lack the embellished looks, but in there lays our future.

concept: get on my lawn software.
a software design philosophy that believes good software ages like a fine wine. it shuns trends and salesmen disguised as programmers, shuns the fancy new framework. instead, gomls curates quality old software like a carefully tended forest. software that has stood the test of time, and, though it seems antiquated, it’s as robust as cast iron anvil.

thinking out loud - what can all the intellectual property be trurned into plain , without resorting to alchemy.

Very advanced advances
-- Bill Gates deposition, 1998


A radical and terrifying idea - put a lower limit on corporate tax and slow down this race to the bottom. So that countries would stop incentivizing the business to switch tax havens in the chase of ever smaller taxes and correspondingly small support of public interests.

I'm thrilled of cherrishing the almost terrorist-level idea of that making an impact on public education and healthcare.


Stole it from a blog, and think more web pages on the Internet should be open about this with their clients, readers, users, whatever.

Hm, should i call it a free UX template maybe?

Disassembled my x1, close to 70 philips 000 screws that needed to be unscrewed and then screwed back in.

Replaced the keyboard bezel, but haven't had luck removing the nasty windows key cap - those nasty corps just seem to rely on each other rather strongly.

Taking apart x61 takes under 15mins, x220 - still takes me close to an hour. This later thing... is most likely last time i'm buying a modern laptop produced by any of the big players.

Remember "Collateral Murder"?

That feeling of sitting in that Apache helicopter with murderous psychopaths insulting their victims, laughing at their death?

It felt like a video game. Endless wars still going on...

It was 11 YEARS AGO!

None of the murderers got trialed. Bush, Blair, Rumsfeld are still free.

Yet #Manning the whistleblower spent 7y in jail, #Assange the publisher didn't have one day free in 10y, has been "British Guantanamo" for 2y.


Ab heute ist Digital Verteiltes Online-Chaos (#divoc) – diesmal unter dem Motto "Reboot to Respawn" (#r2r).

Hier nochmal die Links:

✨ Der Stream mit Vorträgen:
✨ Der Vortragsplan:
✨ Die Self-organized Sessions:
✨ Die Übersicht:


@downey @blabber yeah, the famous #retroarch project once had the opportunity to collaborate with SEGA, but under the condition of changing the license from GPL3 to MIT.

They explained that they wouldn't do that because other companies had already abused the work of the community without giving back a thing. So in order to protect people's work, copyleft was a requirement.

If for some strange reason you have an 2 laptop you don't want, but do want an X1C7, please hit me up!

#Libreboot – Defend Richard Stallman! #RMS

If you support Free Software, believe in freedom of speech, freedom of community and true social justice (where a person is treated with dignity and not cancelled just for their beliefs), sign your name

Beating Back Cancel Culture: A Case Study from the Field of Artificial Intelligence #cancelculture

The author is a Professor Emeritus of computer science and engineering at the University of Washington.

Wonder how hard is F(L)OSS being abused for the implied pretense of rooting for all the good causes on the behalf of the users. While at the same time using this blurry acronym to further extend the obnoxious and insidious ideals.

E.g. no free software advocate worth their salt would generally suggest you to use search engines of the big commercial companies. Foss outlet? Sure thing, use them all!

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