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Check out the latest issue of The FreeBSD Journal for my article "Getting Started with iohyve"


I remember going to Sam Goody in high school and buying the sheet music and tabs to Meteora just so I could play the power chords and scream along with Chester.

That album, and that book, really got me through some dark times.

Today has been one of the saddest days I've ever had.

I've been en emotional wreck ever since I heard about Chester's passing.

Don't let your demons surround you, reach out and seek help.

I know Chester helped me face my demons. I just wish I could have said that to him.

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There's something sweet about knowing you could bash your head against postfix and dovecot and spamassassin for an entire day and still end up with a weaker solution than things like mail-in-a-box [1] and yunohost [2] provide with far less effort.

Go Team Nice Things!

1. mailinabox.email/
2. yunohost.org/

@lattera Interested to hear your thoughts on KARL and if you think it's possible to port to Hardened?

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Cyberwarfare in 2017 is a bit like chemical and biological warfare in 1917, I think.

It works. But maybe too well. Once it spreads, hard to direct and control it. Depends on where the wind is blowing.

Patches are gas masks in this metaphor.

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This is a Haiku
This is really a Haiku
Don't judge my Haiku

Just tagged a new release of the FreeBSD bhyve manager iohyve if you're into that kinda thing. Coming to a ports tree near you soon.

0.7.9 -- I Believe in You, You Can Do the Thing Edition


Picking up the guitar again has been way more fun than I expected.

As seen on birbsite.

1960's Harmony Stella after a new set of tuning keys and a restring. I finally have a playable guitar again 😍

She was a given to me as a gift a few years ago. chaos.social/media/j_M3weXLsnz

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@lattera what I always say:
"systemd is the wrong answer to real questions/problems".

Current status: sitting in the car in the parking lot before going inside because November Rain is on the radio.

Can't miss that solo.

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So, birbsite's annoying, and does anyone here happen to know about how suricata performance is impacted in re: large numbers of subnets in the $HOME_NET specification?

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Quick freebie before bed:

Autonomous ice cream trucks.

Sleep well.


Listening to the local radio's blues hour on the way back from the vice store really doesn't help with the anticipation.

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My Harmony Stella should be out of the shop next week. I can't wait to get down on some tunes again.

Gonna have to get a new slide, can't find my old one that was given to me with the Stella. It'll turn up somewhere, probably after I get a new one.

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