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Client-side Certificate Authentication is pretty cool.

Twitterkommunisten geben jeden Monat vierstellige Beträge bei Amazon aus

@kescher Not to forget that Twitter is literally designed for that and sorts by controversial to make you angry, which increases engagement.

twidere is a cool twitter/mastodon client
You can even dual-post

I finally stopped being lazy and implemented a proper full-text search engine for my CDN using MeiliSearch

how tf is it that fast, I seriously don't get it, it returns results in under 5 milliseconds

@kescher it is indeed
I have now disabled retweet crossposting because it looks stupid

redet nicht mit mir wenn euer trustfaktor über gelb ist


Trustfaktor Blutrot ist der drip



Privacy isn't about hiding bad things. It's about protecting what makes us humans: our day-to-day behavior, our personality, our fears, our relationships, and our vulnerabilities. Everyone deserves privacy online.



True story:

I once had a Spotify account

It somehow got hacked and sold (I don't know how, I use strong unique passwords)

On Spotify, if two devices are signed into the same account, then they play the same songs simultaneously... so I had a way to communicate with the hacker


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