My fellow openEngiadina developer @rustra was arrested in Minsk, Belarus on charges of organizing protests last year. He has reported being tortured.

This is a strong reminder of the ongoing repression in Belarus.

Resist repression and support victims!

Hello Fediverse!

It's been more than 60 days since "FEP-a4ed: The Fediverse Enhancement Proposal Process" was received.

I kindly request final comments before the proposal is finalized.

If there are no objections the proposal will be finalized in two weeks (on 18th of January).

See also the ongoing discussion on SocialHub:

Thank you!

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The requirements of the application are pretty stable. There probably will be bugs to fix and minor features to add.

I'm thinking of a real application that has been running for the last 25 years (rewrite in 2016) and imho is a vital piece of Internet infrastructure.

Just a little thought experiment...

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What programming language/framework would you choose to implement a relatively simple CRUD application with a HTTP and HTML interface that should run for the next 30 years with minimal maintenance?

This initial FEP describes the format and process of publishing FEPs.

This was something that was worked on during the ActivityPubConf 2020 Hackathon by @lain, @cj and myself.

The FEP publishing process is a peer-review system where **you** are the peers!

Your comments are extremely valuable and an essential part of the process. If you have questions, comments or doubts please post. If you think this is a good idea, pleas also express your support.

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Hello Fediverse!

This is call for feedback and comments on the initial Fediverse Enhancement Proposal (FEP):

FEP-a4edc7b: The Fediverse Enhancement Proposal Process

FEPs are intended to be documents that provide information that improves interoperability and general well-being of the Fediverse.

This may include technical things but also social and cultural best-practices and experiences.

Do you believe that #FreeSoftware should be the default option for publicly financed software? Let’s convince your political representatives!

Sign the Open Letter


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We need your help to make @openstreetmap more Free and Open Source! Join the OSMF FOSS policy committee and help us to identify our tools and support the community to be open.

Connect on IRC ( or write us to

Everybody is welcome!

elon fucking musk 

Elon Musk is destroying ground based astronomy, and frankly decidedly ruining the night sky forever. It will be a sad day when ground based astronomy, even casual astronomy, is blotted out by low-earth orbit satellites just so some other internet company can extract wealth from people like landlords.

Elon plans on putting up 12,000 of them by 2027. That's about 6 times the number of operational satellites currently orbiting Earth.

Sign this and tell Elon to kindly stop polluting the already dimming night sky. #FuckYouElon #SaveOurStars

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The latest Sci-Hub working domain(Last check time:Fri, 17 Apr 2020 17:13:01 GMT) 
Please retweet to your friends,help us become stronger!

I've been working on a project called openEngiadina (, using ActivityPub for "local knowledge".

We have an initial demo:

It's still very rough, but I hope enough to demonstrate how events, points of interest, local organizations and businesses can be created, shared and be discovered on the Fediverse.

A longer explanation of the demo and some background:

This work has been supported by @NGIZero. – a Fediverse instance for & by the Chaos community