I've been working on a project called openEngiadina (, using ActivityPub for "local knowledge".

We have an initial demo:

It's still very rough, but I hope enough to demonstrate how events, points of interest, local organizations and businesses can be created, shared and be discovered on the Fediverse.

A longer explanation of the demo and some background:

This work has been supported by @NGIZero.

@pukkamustard @NGIZero ooh, it users miniKanren, I was starting to write my master thesis about it, wild stuff!

@pukkamustard @NGIZero I encourage you to look at Pinafore for CORS solutions

@charlag Thanks for the tip! Pinafore does "just work" and seems to get around CORS.

The way it works is by using the Mastodon API (, which is set to allow CORS by default. It does not fetch content from the id of the content.

For GeoPub this is not a real solution as we would have to distinguish between content from Mastodon and the rest of the Internet.

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