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Hello, I am Vincent, a free web engineer building humanist tools to transform bureaucracies. I'm in Berlin and love you can also find me in the @rwPz425mJYhvnYFQp/UV/ZieceSoi15l62fXXEBGAG8=.ed25519

Who is up for building something like this but visualizing climate footprint instead of prices? I have a thermal printer sitting around anyway. Would need to reseach some sample data, sketch out a design and then do a writeup.


Early prototypes of reviziting the receipt, one piece of a larger question I want explore: how can viz be integrated into everyday experiences?


is a replacement of built on that provides version control (git), issues and pull requests via a command line app

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Options for when you need a pad:

- - e2e fr-hosted pad. eats your battery though.
- - clean ux, see also:
- (self-hosted version of hackmd)

Any others that I'm missing with different features/design/etc? A web pad with a native offline-first client would be nice e.g.

Rainbow Unicorn Studio worked on the prototype fund and edu;lab aa well as the mozilla internet health report

> Making the claim “users want control” is the same as saying you don’t know what users want, you don’t know what is good, and you don’t know what their goals are.

Dear nerds: I am looking for the name of an encoding that allows for the decoding of a file from a non-consecutive sampling of packets in an continuous data stream. My memory says pearl but that isn't right. Anybody have an idea?

Ich war gerade in der offenen in und habe mein Schutzblech gefixed. Sehr befriedigend selbst zu reparieren und lustig mit den anderen Besuchern da zu sprechen. Es waren auch einige Kinder da die selbst repariert haben und alles Mädchen, das fand ich auch richtig gut.

von Kaffee Kirsche waren sehr balanciert, nett, aber auch zu neutral. Ich will kaffee mit politischen Ambitionen, mit pathos, ich will kaffee, der noch Träume hat!!

Elementare Fragen des Menschseins: Lieber schön oder praktisch?

We would never be able to talk to if we can't even talk to ants.

Tonkatsu-Sauce ist super Umami, würzig, sauer, aber auch süß. Eigentlich - alles?

Hello, I am Vincent, a free web engineer building humanist tools to transform bureaucracies. I'm in Berlin and love you can also find me in the @rwPz425mJYhvnYFQp/UV/ZieceSoi15l62fXXEBGAG8=.ed25519

what is ? is there a source or is it just a thing without roots?

tonkatsu sauce: "Mix a quarter cup tomato ketchup with a quarter cup Worcestershire sauce. Then simply add in two teaspoons of soy sauce and a teaspoon of granulated sugar."

Wenn man morgens nach dem Erwachen einige Minuten geschlossenäugig bleibt, bleibt man in einer Traumblase, die nur von Geräuschen, Gerüchen und dem Hautgefühl der Bettsachen umschlossen wird.

Neues Projekt: Ein Verein für Kunst, Spiel, Chaos und Selbstorganisation in Berlin 🌀✨

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