Does anybody know a blog post or other info on what the absolute minimum information required on a German website would be to satisfy / reqs if you don't store ip , , etc.?

@lordampersand Just a static page with no external dependencies. On Twitter I was referred to but I am wondering if any of the information about the right to deletion etc. is necessary if I don't even store anything that could be deleted etc. Seems pointless to me.

@pv Not a lawyer here, but from what I know, if you don't store any personal data, GDPR doesn't apply to you.

Furthermore, the risk of getting a warning with cost attached (Abmahnung) is low, as a recent ruling by the Landesgericht Stuttgart has shown.

@pv Finally the Bundesdatenschutzbeauftragte has said in a recent press conference that there is room for clarifying overinterpretation of GDPR regulations in SME contexts (hairdressers having to ask for GDPR consent when scheduling appointments etc.)

You still have an Impressumspflicht though. But that's a different topic.

@jinxx , care to chime in?

@lordampersand thanks for your input, that's interesting information. Maybe I'll put together a blog post on how to publish on the web with a static site and the right nginx config to get around gdpr.

@pv @lordampersand GDPR applies also because you’re processing data, not only if you store it. IP addresses are personal data, so you always need an information on a website. @pv how good are your German skills? I have a blog post series on GDPR for small businesses and individuals on my blog.

@jinxx Ich bin Muttersprachler, schick mir gerne einen Link zu der Serie! Mir ist auch noch aufgefallen, dass ich per GDPR ja auch über meinen Webhost informieren muss und, dass ich da so oder so ja nicht drumrumkomme.

@pv Ah. :) Schau mal, so hab ich meine Datenschutzerklärung gemacht - eine einzige für alle Anwendungsfälle:

Hier der Link zu der Artikelserie (bzw. Kategorie im Blog):

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