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Wie zu erwarten wird die nichts hinsichtlich des drohenden Genozid in zu äußern.
Die macht unverändert weiter.
Wir auch!
Morgen ab 13 Uhr - Hauptbahnhof! Zeigt euch solidarisch mit der ökologischen und feministischen in !

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[2.4.98] Umweltministerin Merkel vertraut bei der Senkung des deutschen CO₂-Ausstoßes auf die Einführung des 3-Liter-Autos & freiwillige Kooperation der Autohersteller. Die Firmen wüssten, dass sonst härtere Maßnahmen auf sie zukämen. Greenpeace will den Benzinpreis erhöhen.

It looks like JLCPCB is actually as good as everyone told me they would be: This is a 16x33mm board with a LFCSP-32 (.5mm pitch) and some 0402s, 0603s and a 3225 crystal.

I have not yet tried to solder the boards, so I can't say anything about e.g. the quality of the solder mask. Also, the bottom silk screen looks a lot worse than the top silk screen on most of the boards, so I guess they don't put as much effort into that.

Here are some new pictures of my cat for your enjoyment. These images were brought to you by Summer Is Starting Early This Year.

I finally got to use an oscilloscope again! 🛠️

This is a SiFive FE310 RISC-V SoC running RIOT-OS trying to communicate with an Atmel AT86RF233 radio via SPI using some SPI peripheral driver code I wrote in the last two days. Looks promising!

Finally hot water on the toilet. (Only for the first 60 seconds, though)

This party is extremely awesome 🎉 and the hosts are incredibly skilled. Look at this craftsmanship! One day, I will tell some random kids about this! 😲

First prototype of a button to power up the beamer at FabLab Bremen via the serial remote control port. It does work, so it probably will be used until the flimsy wiring breaks.


I'm begining to suspect that turning on the beamer in FabLab Bremen might be prohibitively difficult...

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Die AfD hat 130k€ an Spenden von einem "Pharmaunternehmen aus der Schweiz" erhalten. Zum Glück war bei den Öffis der Edding alle:

PWS Pharma vertreibt u.a. etwas dubios wirkende Naturheilmittel:

I just bought the entire Wintergatan discography (again) for 16.43€ on Bandcamp. I wanted to know how much of that money reaches the artists, so I made this pie-chart. Now I don't really know what to think of it. I guess that's okay?! Oh, and Wintergatan probably has to pay some taxes, too. 😦 I hope lots of people buy their music.

Even though it's October, the sun is so hot that my cat is sleeping in a very unusual place to keep cool.

And maybe I should figure out how to do HDR photography, because this is a bit shitty.

For my job I implemented some matrix operations in GF(2), because that is what mathematicians use to describe (bitwise) operations on computer registers, apparently. This is all very interesting:

I wrote a really simple implementation of Gaussian elimination and suspected that an animation of it running might be mildly entertaining. The first half shows the effort to reach row echelon form, and the second half aims for a reduced row echelon form.

So I wanted to find out which IP blocklist the .mil nameservers use and asked RIPE Atlas to find out...

Looks like they are using geoIP to filter Russia?

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