This is the official call for pre-registration for STRICTLY NO CUSTOMERS 0.1.9, an event of hackish, diy-ish and free-spirited nature, but mainly an event WITHOUT CUSTOMERS, so DO SOMETHING THERE

(19.-23.4., ~30 min. outside of Vienna)

(The total cost of the event is 300 €, + a security deposit of 200€ + food and stuff, which means YOU PAY 300€ DIVIDED BY THE NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS)

For anyone who didn't read the leaflet: you can join & also ask me any questions by writing me here or at

So far we got 5 x "yes" and and 10 x "maybe", i would like that to be 15 x "yes" by Friday ...

The thing is happening, but more people are always better ! Do not hesitate to participate !

@qbe what a great Idea' leet sadly if got visitors, otherwise id have joined.
Maybe they all would like to come

@Sw0rdDooM yes, please bring your friends ^^ we are JUST short of reaching my personal 20€/ person goal ...

@tom less than 20 min via Train from Vienna-West

@tom indeed ^^ Please forward to people that might be interested, i got _3_ reservations as of now

@qbe yeah absolutely! Do you mind if I share this on twitter?

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