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Aha - die 2-Factor App meiner Firma sammelt jetzt wohl "anonymous usage data"

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PREMIERE am DO 29.7., 19.30 Uhr im Filmcasino
Im Anschluss an den Film Podiumsdiskussion mit Thomas Lohninger (epicenter.works), Peter Franck (Vorstand Wau Holland Stiftung sowie Ex-Vorstandsvorsitzender Chaos Computer Club), Sonja Waldgruber (Chaos Computer Club Wien sowie epicenter.works), Max Schrems (noyb) und Barbara Wimmer (futurezone.at). filmcasino.at/film/alles-ist-e

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It's kinda funny to think that the first time wearing a mask in 2020 I almost had a panic attack. Now I'm almost more stressed without one

Wieder mal so ein Tag wo der Passwort Generator keine interessanten Passwörter ausspuckt

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It's actually kinda telling that agile software development segments everything into sprints

Guess what - you can't run a marathon, by just pretending it's a series of sprints

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they call it lossless compression but I'm pretty sure I've seen loss.png before

So when is the number of javascript monad tutorials going to overtake the number of haskell monad tutorials?

"Produce Art faster!!!"

Yes - because that's how it works...

Covid, Vaccine 

"Mama, die habn mi gstochen!"

Current Status: Bundesabgabenordnung lesen

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