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Anyone know a public REST API that returns GeoJSON polygons?

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a friend of mine who spends a LOT of his time picking up plastic waste from parks, rivers, streets, etc. had a good idea. He decided to photograph the non biodegradable waste and tag companies on social media with it. So if he finds a plastic Subway cup, he tells Subway about it with the message "is this yours?" I dig this because it's not something that blames the consumer. It puts the blame where it belongs: on the producer.

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Minion is a little butthead. Very defiant, challenges you to use the spray bottle. Started hanging out in the sink and won't flee when we turn on the water. We're pretty sure he likes it. Very sweet and loving and will hang out and chill for hours. Has a big cat purr now.
Snack is very demanding of attention but willing to share it with others. Meows very loudly. Likes to chomp on toes.... Jumps everywhere.
All four are absolutely adorable and I love them so much! 💙

Kittenpost! The kittens are doing great. They're growing and thriving and building their personalities.
Charmander is the baby, still the smallest, suckling on blankets. Very quiet, even when purring or (rarely) meowing.
Midnight is trying to be everyone's boss (emphasis on trying). Loves getting into places he's not allowed (closets, some of our rooms). Also often steals attention from other cats, won't sit still. Walks around chirping and purring loudly.

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have you ever noticed that someone post a screenshot of text without providing an image description, preventing you from being able to read it? or maybe they posted a huge amount of text that just can't possibly be described with the image description feature?

simply tag @OCRbot in a direct reply to the image. it will download the image and scan it using tesseract OCR to output the text contained in the image!

because OCRbot runs on fedi.lynnesbian.space, it has a character limit of 65535, so even the longest images should work OK!

check the reply to this image to see it parsing the attached screenshot!

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Es freut mich übrigens sehr, dass das BVG heute geurteilt hat, dass auch Personen mit Betreuungspersonen wählen dürfen. Das war lange überfällig.

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Hi. I'm Sylvia. I'm currently working as an Illustrator, Concept Artist and Co-Designer on our indie game. I love to create colorful, psychedelic art and to do commissions...oh yes, and I also love to paint animals. 🐧 #VisibleWomen #art #illustration #mastoart

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I present to you: attempts 1 and 2 of printing a paper I'm reviewing. Attempt 3 succeeded (not pictured). The first 2 attempts were with the exact-same software. The third one I tried a different PDF viewer (but the one used in 1/2 worked fine in the past).
Printers are weird.

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Nachdem heute von den 6 Parteien im Haus alle Wasser in der Wohnung hatten und min. eine aktuell nicht bewohnbar ist die Bitte: macht einen Aquastop an die Waschmaschine oder stellt es anders sicher. Insb. wenn die Maschine in der Wohnung steht.

I learned a great new word today:

cis•sy fit (n): the meltdown that occurs when a cisgender person is questioned about their cis privilege.

Source: m.facebook.com/story.php?story

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