For me, "social distancing" is a candidate for the worst word of the year because it totally puts the wrong emphasis. The most important thing we actually need to flatten the curve is physical distancing.

Please do not distance socially and do not isolate yourselves or others. Keep socialising remotely, stay in contact, look for and update each other. Especially if times get harder. Thank you.

#corona #socialdistancing

@3rik The #WHO came to the same conclusion and changed their wording to “physical distancing”.


@chpietsch I hope everyone else, our politicians and media follow

@3rik @chpietsch On CNN, they interviewed a clinical psychiatrist and she used the term "physical distancing" several times before slipping up once and saying "social distancing". Everyone else just went on calling it "social distancing" but usage does appear to be shifting after the WHO announcement.


@3rik @chpietsch (unrelated to "social distancing", regarding WHO): now if they could just stop bullying as well ...

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