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Yeah, if you could, like... stop asking for phone numbers everywhere.

In addition, a phone call risk is something incredibly distressing to some people, and a power relationship some aren't comfortable having.
It would be cool if devs and PMs could actually care about their users...


tech, phone numbers 

@Scarlet I'd add a point 4b., the "deontic" variant of 4.: "A phone number *should* uniquely identify an individual": a wet dream of gov'ts around the world; even in so-called "liberal democracies" there is legislation to *register* all phone numbers, the better to surveil and corral us.

Oh and there's also "1b", the deontic falsehood to go with "1": "An individual *must* have a phone (number)" (always on): that's also increasingly being assumed to the point of *enforcing* it

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