in light of recent events

It's NOT OK to use as a video conference "solution" for your anti-capitalist meetup (oh, the irony!) or group or whatever.

Or even a regular conference.

Those seemingly innocuous "tools" aren't really free.

It's not a neutral choice. It excludes critical people.

So please, PLEASE if you know an expert, DO ASK THEM FIRST before deciding based on what you think you know!

They might well be able to help out with something that's just as good but ethical.


What's questionable about ?

They misled the public on :

They offered "attention tracking" as a devilishly invasive snooping feature:

They censored Chinese :


Even if they claim some of these things are fixed: A Is. Not. A. .

It can't be, if it's a commercial enterprise with no particular focus on privacy.

It simply turns your conference into a commercial product.

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