Join us this Saturday at 14:00, on our Open Day.

On 18:00 we will host a documentary screening:

“Deep Web” (2015)

“A feature documentary that explores the rise of a new Internet; decentralized, encrypted.”

Open to organise a political event and party: "Hack your gender" at Radix in

Ανοιχτή συνάντηση οργάνωσης πολιτικής εκδήλωσης, queer πάρτι

in on Feb 5 at

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18:00 - An open discussion on technologies in about:
- networks
- Break the machine
- Technological
- & knowledge diffusion

21:00 - : Build and play with technologies:
, , , , , distributed content networks, , ... and more!

After the there will be a fundraising for the Radix on the 25th of January at 22:30 1st Floor, Kaniggos 34 & Stournari, , ,

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The first event at Radix will be a and , on the 25th of January at 19:00, 1st Floor, Kaniggos 34 & Stournari, Exarcheia, Athens, Greece.

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We now have an service in place to make browsing of our website easier through .

Fire up you Tor Browser and try it out!


If we you want to chat with us and learn more about our effort to build a in , join us at Komona Zelt, day 4 - 14:00.

/cc @webmind

We set up a dedicated #fdroid repository for the #35C3 here:

You can get the Fahrplan/schedule app and c3nav from there.

This will be kept up-to-date during the congress!

If you are at #35c3 and want to start #self-hosting and discover #YunoHost, I'll be giving an hands-on workshop on Day 2 at 2 pm !

Also feel free to ping me if you want to talk about #YunoHost in general ! - because anarchy is much more fun with friends. is a small Mastodon instance for and by the Chaos community surrounding the Chaos Computer Club. We provide a small community space - Be excellent to each other, and have a look at what that means around here.
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