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After a couple of months work I can finally post a bit more about this. We finally got our company up and running 😸 🎉 Happy to work with people who share the same values regarding human interaction and technology.

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The book now has a new shiny site and a table of contents 😸 enjoy 🎉 Check it out if you are interested in an alternative to or 😼

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Maybe it was all along?? 🤔

"Ending the lifetime ban on queer men donating blood made ‘no significant change’ to HIV rates in US blood banks"

Note to self: don't leave the Linkedin tab open. Apparently they are computing Pi in its entirety somewhere in their frontend code, or something comparable to fry your computer.

Can't decide what's slower. Xing or LinkedIn. 🤔

*sigh* Looks I'm on now. The joys of "serious businessing".

I often hear people casually say "You should learn programming language X". As if that was something you can do in an afternoon. REALLY learning a language means more than being able to churn on some code that runs. You need to be able to navigate the ecosystem and libraries, learn what certain compiler flags do and when to use them. If the language comes with build and documentation tools, you should also learn those. Learning syntax and being able to tinker around is not "knowing a language".

`haddock` is quite nice for documentation. People should use it more often. I honestly think that getting a grip of a programming language's documentation tool is kind of mandatory if you claim to be proficient in a language.

Noch ein bisschen an responsiveness gebastelt aufgrund von konstruktivem Feedback 😸

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Wir haben bei antei jetzt auch ein kleines Technologie-Blog aufgesetzt 😸 Hat eine Menge Spaß gemacht. Werden das jetzt regelmäßig mit Inhalt betanken 🎉

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What exactly are people trying to do when they judge a code base solely on lines of code? Impress people with the fact that they know how to run `wc(1)`?

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Finally! Foot-1.5.0 has been released 🎉

Lots of new configuration options and bug fixes. Some of the major changes and additions are:

* Config moved from .config/footrc to .config/foot/foot.ini
* Scrollback position indicator
* Fully configurable mouse bindings
* Configurable key bindings for scrollback search
* Configurable selection colors
* Optional support for double-width PUAs (aka support for Nerd Fonts, Powerline etc)

#FootTerminal #Wayland #TerminalEmulator #Terminal

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@raichoo Indeed.

I feel like comments are just like any other document - written for an audience.

If you're writing code for a tutorial, comment it like a tutorial. If you're writing code for contributors, comment it for contributors.

Currently writing an article, and I'm reminded of a former project manager who demanded commenting our code to a degree that you could consider it a programming tutorial. I mean obviously you should write documentation and comment code that is non-obvious (which can be tricky to distinguish), but if your PM demands that your code reads like a tutorial for non-programmers there is something seriously wrong.

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Der heutige "IT-Gipfel" aller Betriebe im Konzern ergab: wir werden unweigerlich umsteigen auf Microsoft365 und Azure. Voll und ganz.

Vielleicht sucht dort draußen noch jemand noch einen Senior Linux Admin mit > 15 Jahren Berufserfahrung? Gerne boost.

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"illegal" is slang for "good" now

this pasta is super illegal, for example

the more confusion this causes, the better

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if your Big Data person does NOT know what this picture means, get rid of them

Looking forward to switch to 13 in January. Especially excited about the switch to . Lots of goodies ahead 😸

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