Wondering how much energy we would save if everything related to advertising would be turned off all at once…

@raichoo I'm thinking of ditching the youtube website altogether and just fetch videos directly based on rss feeds. also getting the relevant text out of news articles should be relatively easy on sites where reader mode works.

@tauli Sure one can cut all sorts of entertainment platforms. Seems like going a bit overboard though. There is some good stuff on YT.

@raichoo would still get videos from youtube, but via youtube-dl.

@tauli Until they inject the ads into the video itself which I'm pretty positive might happen at some point.

@raichoo @tauli That's basically what sponsorships do.

The problem, for yt, is that they then can't have their algorithm pick the "right" ad on the fly.

(not that that actually works all that well to begin with, but yt needs to make people believe it does)

@hirnbrot @tauli Yep, and that's also getting a bit out of hand recently. Just watching a video and then suddenly the folks start talking about some more or less random product.

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