if you are interested to play around with my like window manager . Here is a tarball of the version I'm currently using. I'm aware that it's not complete but some people have asked me for the source ^^. I suggest you take a look at `config.h` first. 😺 Only tested under yet.

Yes, there is no documentation yet. Yes, if that was a proper release that would be a bug. If people show enough interest I'd certainly write a manpage.

Continuing to work on documentation. is quite nice for generating manpages.

@raichoo If you run
sed -i 's,local,X11R6,g' Makefile
then it builds just fine on #OpenBSD.

@raichoo Without documentation is not easy🤔 BTW, here are the patch for compiling under #DragonFleBSD😜

@yrabbit As I said, it is not complete yet. It's for the people who are curious to play around with it.

@raichoo for those who don't have the time to diff the code with cwm, what are the differences?

@ng0 It's not a mod of cwm but I've written it from scratch :). I have extended the concept of groups and combined it with the concept of how workspace work in cwm. I also have more tiling options. Also a concept of "marks" which you can use to speed dial windows.

@ng0 It's basically the workflow I wanted to have for a couple of years now. Every feature was implemented because I somewhat needed it, not just because it might be nice to have :) Not quite sure if other people find it useful but I wanted people to check it out.

@Gargron I think they pronounce it "calm window manager".

@raichoo Finally! Can't wait to see it in the ports collection! Awesome work!

@mpts When I think about it, a port would not make that much sense because it's basically configured through recompilation.

@raichoo Well it does make sense. x11-wm/dwm and x11/sterm are all very popular ports.

@mpts I never really got the appeal of these ports to be quite honest. Is there a way to inject your own config.h?

@mpts Ah okay. Is it also possible to include `st` patches? That has always been a major annoyance for me.

@raichoo Yes. In a way. I have got an "overlay" port for dwm defined in my dotfiles:

I just set PORTSDIR in the environment to where I actual ports tree is and I am ready to go with `make`.

@enum Kommt denke ich auch noch, wollte jetzt nicht die gesamte history mit jedem bug und co hochladen sondern so eine Art "screened" repo machen wo alles aufgeräumt rein kommt. Da bin ich aber noch nicht.

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