I have just released 0.0.1, my inspired window manager (now including documentation and a cleaned up repository). Get the code at my repository (you don't need darcs, you can download a zip if you want to). Currently only supports and . hub.darcs.net/raichoo/hikari

@raichoo Why have a separate concept for sheets and groups? Why not simply have default groups linked to 1-9.

@mathuin That's how cwm does it and I wanted something else that fits my workflow. For example I have different groups for terminal windows doing different things "shell" for regular terminals "rootshell" and "work" (which also contains other stuff I use at work). I wanted to have windows from those groups on separate sheets. I mostly cycle between and within groups on a sheet.


@mathuin Each sheet has a group by the way (at least that's how its implemented) If you don't assign any arbitrary groups it works just like cwm. I can use them for more fine grained grouping though if I want to (which is exactly what I wanted).

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@mathuin Sure thing. It gets interesting once you want to cycle between groups especially when you have a lot of terminal applications and you want to give those terminal windows a bit more semantics ^^

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