WTF? `suckless` is officially cancelled for me. Nazi symbolism and right wing bullshit is not acceptable. `pkg delete slock`.

All tools have been removed from my system. Replaced with and with .


Yeah, this is completely unacceptable!

Thinking about it more, I think I remember the incident @hirnbrot linked; and immediately unsubscribed from their lists (a general policy of cutting ties with anyone complaining about SJWs has served me well), but then I forgot about it…

This is another level, and I _will_ remember it.

@raichoo always thought they're toxic arseholes because of the "everyone's code sucks except our own one's and all our bugs are features" attitude. But never considered it might be THAT bad o.o

@enum thought their philosophy reflected some soft of minimalism which I always think is a good approach, but I would have never thought that rabbit hole would go down that deep.

@raichoo hm, i liked that minimalism in the very beginning, but the toxicity starts when they put "we got less lines of code" above anything else, declare other programs' useful features as bugs, and their own deficiencies as features (because it saved code lines!!1!)

Your terminal emulator supports a terminal type i don't use? Buug!
My terminal emulator can't even scroll? Feature!
My terminal emulator can't send DEL properly? The other software's fault!!

@raichoo eventually i started to think minimalism is not even what it's about; more a justification for an NIH syndrome, and to satisfy some narcism

@enum I've never dived into the culture of suckless so I wasn't exposed to that kind of toxicity. I just thought st for example seemed neat until it became increasingly painful to manage. slock was so simple that I just installed it as a binary package. That was pretty much about it.

@raichoo slock is easily replaceable - not sure what to do about st though. This sucks...

@nj0rd I've recently switched back to xterm (not motivated by this), and I surprisingly enjoy it WAY more than st. But your mileage may vary.

@raichoo trying urxvt...
I try to remember what I disliked about it in the first place.

@nj0rd I'm happy with xterm but I surely care about your findings and would like to know about your conclusion. :)

@raichoo The main driver for this is the people, which is again an overlapping share of active people. It's this unclear edgelordy 'joking' that's very off-putting.

It's a pity for the code, because that's really nice in general.
@raichoo Although the picture mentioned in the thread is without any of bitreich IIRC as this has happened during the temporary split.
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