I don't want to know how many browsers do not verify #XPI signatures anymore... Like zombies, walking around

If you disabled xpinstall.signatures.required make sure you reenable it now! :firefox: :doomguy:

And pass this reminder on to your peers and channels

@martin Yes, but how do we get our extensions back? :-|

@martin Thanks for the information. I guess I'll wait for it to arrive as package because I'm not in the mood to compile firefox. ;-) Pretty big fallout has this one...

@dwardoric @martin Enable "Studies" and the hotfix will be applied. After that you can turn of studies again.

@raichoo @martin Thanks for that tip. I already built the new packages over night for the office workstations. Only one windows and one linux workstation left all else are running . 😀


@dwardoric @martin Binary packages are also available now.

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