Happy Saturday! Thanks to @tauli and @gimbar I'm happy to present you with 0.1.2 with a couple of important bug fixes. As a special bonus: It now also runs on 😺

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@xanderio @raichoo Regarding adding hikari to ports: it would be nice if Hikari did not add any optimization flags on its own. It may have some defaults, but it should not append for example -O3 to CFLAGS, effectively overriding CFLAGS of the user.

Learn more here:

@raichoo I just briefly looked at the repo. Config is currently compile-time, right?

@raichoo makes it at least more difficult to package. I understand that other things are more important, but maybe there is a time to revisit this. Maybe also not all of the configuration should/needs to be runtime overwriteable.

@TheConstructor I'm not super interested in having this as a binary package tbqh. We are currently working on getting it into the ports tree, compilation just takes about 2 seconds.

@raichoo @TheConstructor @xanderio

I've cleaned up the port a little bit. Take a look:

Feel free to send updates & ping me when you're ready to have it committed. :)

@mpts @xanderio I've adjusted the makefile in the tarball, the checksums therefore do not match anymore.

@raichoo I never said binary πŸ˜‰ I thought of doing a gentoo targeted ebuild; still you can only have so many options (rather flags) inside an ebuild, and while certainly a compile-time config in a well-known location could do the trick, it is not a common thing to do. Not least because it probably evolves between versions.

"compile-time config in a well-known location" is precisely what is used for dwm in FreeBSD ports (and soon Hikari judging from the Makefile). How do you manage the dwm package in Gentoo ?

@Hukadan @raichoo the ebuild uses savedconfig.eclass . It seems to require an initial failed-build, it does not seem to account for changed default configurations and it can't overcome the fact that the exact config is in effect for anyone using the system.

@raichoo @TheConstructor Actually, this is a perfect piece of software for the FreeBSD ports. The binary package does not offer a way to configure #hikari, true. But on the other hand checking out hikari is just `pkg install hikari`. If you like it, you can switch to building it yourself.

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