It's settled. I'm going to give an ad-hoc presentation about at @acmelabs on Friday 19:00. If you can't make it, I'll be giving a way more refined version of that talk at the upcoming . Let me know if you are thinking about coming.

@phreq @acmelabs Not for this presentation since it's more a less a test run to figure out how and what to present at . Also we don't have a proper recording facility at the Lab yet, but it is getting there.

@phreq ^^. Dunno if there are any international conferences or meetups that you are attending on a regular basis. That's what I meant :)

@raichoo Oh okay! I'm too young to go somewhere that far.

@phreq That is a problem that time will hopefully solve for you, sooner or later. If you happen to be at a conference where I'm at and want to hang out, feel free to toot at me ^^.

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