Going to talk about at @acmelabs. 2019-07-26 20:00. Be there or keep using 😺

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@lthms @enum @raichoo @acmelabs we currently lack the proper equipment for recording, so there probably won't be one. sorry.

@tauli @lthms @enum @raichoo @acmelabs I bought a phone tripod recently for recordings at work and that seems to work well if you have someone with a phone that records half decent audio/video.

I could donate another tripod to support the cause, but I can't donate a phone. 😅📱

@lthms It'll be in german and just an introduction, mainly geared towards people who have little to no experience with VCS. If it happens to generate more interest I might give a more refined version of that talk at a conference that records their talks :)

@raichoo @lthms please do! sadly @acmelabs is not really around the corner for me I won't be able to travel there on that weekend...

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