I was wondering if there is room for another meetup in NRW in at @acmelabs. If you are in the area and interested in please let me know. Boosts highly appreciated!

Apparently there is a possibility that we can pull this off. We will discuss further actions at @acmelabs this week :)

@raichoo @acmelabs

I'm interested. Time is sometimes at a premium, but I'd try to come.

@jpmens @acmelabs Hah, didn't realize you are from Bielefeld as well. Small world ^^.

@raichoo @acmelabs do you want I could move the Düsseldorf BUG to

@FiLiS @acmelabs Surely sounds like a good idea. But lets solidify this first before committing to it :)

@raichoo Sounds very nice. I would love to attend, however, would be quite a trip for me.

@_xhr_ @acmelabs Totally understandable :) We are going to start this slowly. Maybe you would be interested in the I would like to organize next year though ^^.

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