Hey Fediverse! What's your favorite ? (I only have 4 options here so I picked the most popular ones :/)

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Interesting to see that currently seems to be the most popular in the fediverse. But not that surprising, when you consider how hackfriendly it appears to be.

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Also, super interesting to see that seems to be more popular than over here at the Fediverse. Would not have expected that at all. 😺

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@raichoo #OpenBSD with #FreeBSD a close second thanks mostly to a recent GHC and alacritty in ports 😬

@vlkrs Maybe I have to give alacritty another shot. I've tried it some time ago and didn't really like it.

@raichoo It sort of grew on me by accident... give it a few days

@raichoo i'd Like to have a "I just want to see the results" option

@holger Currently:
41% FreeBSD
46% OpenBSD
5% NetBSD
8% DragonflyBSD

Old time #Amiga user, so I like supporting Matt Dillon and Dragonfly
I've also used FreeBSD via GhostBSD
Interested to see where MidnightBSD goes too

@deFrisselle Yeah, I could only have four choices in the poll so I went with the obvious ones. Dragonfly is REALLY interesting, once they get proper wayland support I'll start doing some hacking there as well :)

@raichoo I couldn't help but pick all 4, but in order of preference:
1. OpenBSD
2. FreeBSD
3. NetBSD
4. DragonFly BSD

Dfly is last only because I haven't played much with it on actual hardware. I need to change that, and doing so might change that order.

@claudiom seems really interesting. I've played with it a couple of years ago. Will certainly try to make work on it once it gets better support :D

@raichoo Also your poll might be a bit biased since is run by OpenBSD fellows and quite some devs and users hang around here.

@_xhr_ Not really biased, since I was asking about the fediverse specifically :)

@raichoo My personal Fediverse filter bubble overlaps heavily with bsd persons :P

@raichoo I almost switched my Webserver from FreeBSD to openbsd because of the newer pf syntax ;-) but I am just starting in the bsd-world, so better not switch between them too early...

@sebastian Good choice, just play around with the systems for a little bit and find what feels the most comfortable for you. :)

@raichoo btw: I really recommend the absolute FreeBSD book by @mwlucas for beginners like me! Excellent writing and it gives you a very good starting point and hints to more in-depth literature where you might want it!

@sebastian @mwlucas I have the 3rd edition and a (10y old?) 2nd edition on my shelf :)

@raichoo If I am running a *BSD then I plan to run OpenBSD (or sometimes LibertyBSD). The reason I do this is because OpenBSD seems to be more mature at the moment.

Plus, if I don’t need an application or software (especially proprietary) then I don’t want it. OpenBSD is fairly KISS and makes this an easy task.

The only reason I currently run Debian-based OSes a lot is because application documentation is a lot better.

Plus, Rust applications aren’t fully working on OpenBSD.

@raichoo Well, I'm one who switched from #NetBSD to #DragonflyBSD on a number of machines …

@K0nrad HAMMER is really one of the things that interest me the most when it comes to , sadly I think that documentation is pretty lacking, especially on the HAMMER2 side. Is there any good read on it apart from the manpages. Manpages are a good reference, but a nice introduction with a couple of examples would be a good starter. Played around with HAMMER1 years ago and liked it, but I'd like to know more.

@raichoo The only thing I know of is the mailing list (and archives). Not very helpful, I know. People on the freenode irc channel are generally nice, though.

@K0nrad Yeah, I would honestly prefer reading an article than asking my way through tbqh.

@raichoo running a bsd is very exotic nowadays. I used to have a BSD Server (freeBSD) 17 years ago (only for my personal stuff and some experimental things); then I had to work with solaris (which was cool!) and HPUX (wich sucked). Today I live in a windows world and I have a virtual server with a linux to host my mail etc.

The more I read those BSD related toots the more I think I should give it a try again... thanks for the survey!

@esopriester It depends, FreeBSD is still used quite a lot in the wild, but nobody is making much of a fuss about it. Anyway, running it on a laptop is certainly a bit exotic. I fully admit that, but I'm happy with that decision :)

@raichoo Depends on the use case. But FreeBSD can't really beat the hardware support. OpenBSD ultra secure for high security requirements. NetBSD if i need something to run on anything. DragonflyBSD has HAMMER(2) and that's pretty neat! :)
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