Hey Fediverse! What's your favorite ? (I only have 4 options here so I picked the most popular ones :/)


Also, super interesting to see that seems to be more popular than over here at the Fediverse. Would not have expected that at all. 😺

@raichoo Well, I'm one who switched from #NetBSD to #DragonflyBSD on a number of machines …

@K0nrad HAMMER is really one of the things that interest me the most when it comes to , sadly I think that documentation is pretty lacking, especially on the HAMMER2 side. Is there any good read on it apart from the manpages. Manpages are a good reference, but a nice introduction with a couple of examples would be a good starter. Played around with HAMMER1 years ago and liked it, but I'd like to know more.

@raichoo The only thing I know of is the mailing list (and archives). Not very helpful, I know. People on the freenode irc channel are generally nice, though.

@K0nrad Yeah, I would honestly prefer reading an article than asking my way through tbqh.

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