once again proves that we need to take control of our own infrastructure.

This is why local your local should host code repositories and/or why communities should manage services like mastodon. As soon as profit is involved, things will get out of hand. Collectively we have the skills to establish these infrastructures ourselves, without companies involved.

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@cjk101010 Sure, however a lot of people are using their servers to host their code. I'm somewhat hoping for @forgefed. Bringing the whole federation concept to source hosting sounds like a good approach.

@raichoo I have the impression that parts (!) of the hacking/coding community react like politics nowadays.

They start acting only if they discover that something is clearly wrong (MS bought Github, Chef/Gitlab have ICE as customer, etc), so a completely reactive approach.

We need to get back to a pro-active behavior, so act on good intents and best practices! Build infrastructures that are decentralized, stable and hard to bring down!

@_xhr_ Not surprising, it's hard to keep track of everything that is happening at the moment. I'm glad that our hackspace is hosting it's own code repositories but that requires work and a lot of folks do not have the time to put that onto their shoulders as well. That's why it is so important to have local communities that take care of these things.

it still leaves the problem that i am basically still using self hosted gitlab-ce mostly.

@raichoo That's a really neat idea I hadn't previously thought of regarding hack spaces. I can see it being a bit hard to figure out what things to take in house given limited available labor, but things like git mirrors make a ton of sense.

@acowley It's what we do at our hackspace :) For legal reasons they are not public to push but we as a community host our own infrastructure for things like this.

@raichoo I may be biased but having an on-prem source code manager is quite relieving...

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