If you want to help us plan for the assembly at you can now join our channel at

@raichoo I don't know how to join a matrix channel, but I am planning a self-organised session on #HamBSD. Is the assembly going to have space for a presentation? Otherwise I'll use one of the rooms. I could still associate it with the assembly.

@mm0ror Depends on what you need for the presentation? We would totally love to have you at the table for sure. You can join our chat using riot, there is also a web client if you don't have a mobile device.

@raichoo I managed to create an account but once I login on the web thing it just hangs and nothing ever loads.

I will need to show some slides, people need to be able to hear me, and I /might/ bring a demo depending on how much other stuff I have to carry, which would need some table space to put stuff on.

Another thing I did in the past was have a session in one of the rooms with the presentation and then afterwards a more "meetup" style event back at the assembly.

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