I'm very happy to announce that 1.0-alpha1 is now publicly available 😺

This was about time after giving a and a talk about it. And when Phoronix suddenly threw the ball in my direction, things had to get real :D

@raichoo I guess I'll give it a try and port it to linux if I like it.

@lanodan Plenty of people now have "threatened" me to do that ^^. I'll be having a look at it myself in the coming days.

@lanodan Which should not discourage you from trying though.

@raichoo i have an issue with fonts, they just don't show when i press $mod, i only see orange lines without text. i looked at the source, and the font seems to be hardcoded, but i don't know what name i should use and in what format, if i want to use, say, input mono condensed 12

@tho The font is not hardcoded, it can be set in the hikari.conf file. Where do you see the hardcoding?

@raichoo i guess i was using an old version of hikari, which still worked on linux and had no hikari.conf. the font was defined in the src/indicator_font.c file

@tho The wayland version of hikari has never been tested on Linux, I doubt it will work at all.

@tho At least it will take some time to port it over.

@raichoo It compiles and starts with minimal changes (setting _POSIX_C_SOURCE) on Linux. I managed to display a terminal via hikari-session, but I haven’t tried much else yet.

@Trundle That's great to hear, I was planning to test hikari on a Linux machine of a friend today or tomorrow. That's valuable input :)

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