It's done! 1.0.0 is out. 🎉 Let the journey begin. There are features that want to get implemented and bugs that need squashing 🐞 Time to move adoption on and forward. 😺

@ondrej Thank you, I hope people find it somewhat useful :)

@ondrej If you are used to tiling it will be quite different and some things might irritate you. I hope it's nevertheless interesting to play around with ^^.

@raichoo Don't worry it's very young project, so some glitches are always expected ;)

@ondrej Yeah, the thing is some people expect it to behave like tiling WMs they already know, it that's very much not the case :D

@ondrej Mainly because tiling is not the core concept, which breaks some people's assumptions.

@raichoo Don't worry, there's a whole weekend to play with it & I'm very patient, so I won't rant about it :)

@raichoo Congrats, hat's some awesome news.

Maybe it's time for me too test Wayland on FreeBSD myself 🤔

@blabber I've been using it as my daily driver I'm quite happy with Wayland.

@blabber If you are using i3 there is sway filling that gap, but I'm most certainly not unhappy about more hikari users ^^.

@raichoo I am still using dwm(1), but I wanted to move away from it for some time now for political reasons.

@raichoo is FreeBSD port Xorg, Wayland or both?

@meka It's for the Wayland implementation. The X11 implementation has been discontinued by me.

@raichoo nice, i've been waiting for that. thanks!

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