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@raichoo hi! i've been meaning to. how would you compare DragonflyBSD and OpenBSD? what is better suited for running on a laptop?

@icyphox I'm a FreeBSD user so I probably wouldn't make an informed advice regarding what's best there. I think both are interesting operating systems. What are you looking for in a system?

@raichoo clean and sane base install. no bloat. i'm currently running KISS Linux (, so something along those lines.

@icyphox I'm not familiar with k1ss tbqh. I custom tailor my system to avoid what I consider bloat, ymmv. OpenBSD is supposed to be pretty slim in that regard but I never seriously used it.

@raichoo yeah i think OpenBSD seems to be the best fit. thanks!

@icyphox @raichoo I don't know OpenBSD that much, but I use DragonFlyBSD as my laptop and servers OS for a few month now, without any issues. To get X working good be sure to use a i915 based laptop, that's what is best supported for now. Some Radeon chips are also (come on #dragonflybsd on EFnet to ask for more) and avoid nvidia as it's not supported at all.

@daftaupe @icyphox Do you know anything about the state of support in . I was wondering if I should port over to it as well.

@raichoo @icyphox From my understanding Wayland has been ported and some people are even successfully running sway and weston. I'm not yet, as my card is still suffering some issues with drm at the moment.

@daftaupe @icyphox That's great news, I'll certainly put the porting effort on my list :)

@raichoo @icyphox Good news ! But I'm just a basic user, so you better check with the actual devs on the IRC channel :) ftigeot and peeter are the one who should be able to know.

@daftaupe @raichoo Nice! I've actually switched over to OpenBSD. :) Runs beautifully. Just gotta rice it now. :D

@raichoo dank den Informationen in deinem Repository läuft sway schon mal auf meinem FreeBSD 😊

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