I've heard the phrase "We use the right tool for the right job" so often that it has lost all of its meaning. Most of the time it's used as a justification for using what everyone else is using or what someone has been using all the time without looking at anything else. It's not even subtle, because when you ask "Why is this the right tool?" said folks will give you answers like "Because we've always done it like that, and there are plenty of people also doing it like that!".

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And don't get me wrong here. There is nothing wrong with using what everyone else is using because it feels secure and familiar, but that doesn't make it the right tool by default.

Like you wouldn't believe the uses of SQLite I've seen just because someone was familiar with it…

@raichoo being familiar is the key in the choice of tools. I try to break out of this pattern but this takes time and effort.

In stressful situations you tend to use the most familiar tools and don’t question their use because you already have the solution with them in your mind.

I try to get familiar with different tools up to a level where I don’t feel completely uncomfortable in stressful times.

But it is an uncommon practice.

@esopriester Like I said, nothing wrong with using what's comfortable to you. That's actually super important. However I've worked with people justifying their choices as "this is the right tool, we HAVE to use it" and this caused extreme problems and even that didn't lead to the realization that their choice was the wrong tool for the job.

@esopriester On the contrary, blame was shifted on the developers.

@raichoo this is a no-go. I will accept justifications like „well this is the only tool we know thoroughly.“ but something like „we use it because it is the right tool“ makes me sick.

Had a job where I had to use tools which I knew were wrong but the manager forced us to use a certain technology because he thought it was the right way to do.

It took me twice as long and the solution was crappy because of the limitation of the tool of choice. It literally made me sick.

@esopriester This. That's exactly what I'm talking about. If possible those choices should be left to the developers and things need to be evaluated thoroughly.

@raichoo "Use the right tool for the right job" is an obviously good strategy, but it isn't an argument for or against some specific tool. I see this often, that instead of making a careful argument, just some common sense statement is made, that touches on the subject, and when everyone has to agree on that, it seems to the person making that statement like they contributed something meaningful.

@raichoo Most people lack the insight, that just fooling yourself isn't enough to fool everyone around you. It's the grown up version of "if i close my eyes no one can see me".

@tauli The idea behind using the right tool for the right job is good yes. But I really haven't heard that phrase being uttered in a meaningful way for quite some time. Most of the time it's just being used as "shut up, we are doing it like we did that before, even though it failed in atrocious ways."

@raichoo I have a straw man philosophical point on this: "the right tool for the job" is only a good answer when explaining why something took longer than expected.

Sometimes you find a task and think maybe something other than your usual tools will accomplish this better, so you invest the time to try out the new thing. If it works out, that thing goes in your tool belt, and the next time around it's the right choice mostly because it's something you're familiar with.

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