Sometimes I forget how awesome is and that it actually helps me avoid installing a bulky office suite. Converting any document format into something reasonable that I can use with my existing tool chain is pretty much a godsend. ❤️

This is basically due to my personal philosophy which I'm following kind of rigorously. Avoid clutter. Everyone defines clutter differently, but for me personally Office suites fall into that category, which is why I avoid them. Same goes for IDEs or the JVM. is probably the biggest tool in my box and others might define it as clutter, others might not care at all. For me this makes complexity manageable, it keeps me from being overwhelmed by tools.

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Careful reminder that what I'm doing should not discourage you from how you do things. Heck, please don't do that. Find a way to make things comfortable for you, that's the take away from these toots.

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